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Bottle Service

Ace of Spades Brut 

Hennessey XO 

Clase Azul 

Don Julio 1942 

Crown XO 

Grey Goose 

Dancer Bottles 

Patron, Grey Goose, Crown Royal,

Crown Royal Apple, Jameson & Dusse

Click Here to learn more about this VIP Service

This service includes private booth & VIP Parking

Our Beers
Non Alcoholic

Bud Zero

Heineken Zero




Bud Light

Coors Light

Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite

Whiskey and Bourbon

Basil Hayden

Canadian Club

Crown Apple

Crown Black Berry

Crown Peach

Crown Royal

Crown Vanilla

Crown XO

Evan Williams BBN Black


Hennessy XO BTL

Hennessy XO Shot

Jack Apple

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

Jack Fire


Jim Beam

Johnnie Walker Black

Johnnie Walker Blue BTL

Johnnie Walker Blue Shot

Makers Mark


Southern Comfort

Well Whiskey

Wild Turkey

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Rsrv *Double Oak*

Makers Mark 46

Scotch & Cognac

Well Scotch


Johnny Walker Black


MacAllan 12YR

MacAllan Sherry 12YR




Well Rum


Captain Morgan


Kraken Black Spiced Rum


1800 Anejo

Casamigos Blanco

Casamigos Reposado

Clase Azul Shot

Cuervo Gold

Don Julio 1942 Shot

Don Julio Anejo

Don Julio Blanco

Don Julio Reposado

Herradura Reposado

Patron Anejo

Patron Repos

Patron Silver

Well Tequila


Well Vodka


Ciroc French

Ciroc Peach

Ciroc Pineapple

Ciroc Red Berry

Ciroc Vanilla

Ciroc BTL

Kinky Blue Vodka

Grey Goose

Ketel One


Kinky Green Vodka

Kinky Pink Vodka

Smirnoff Blueberry

Smirnoff Cherry

Smirnoff Citrus

Smirnoff Kissed Caramel

Smirnoff Orange

Smirnoff Raspberry

Smirnoff Strawberry

Smirnoff Vanilla

Smirnoff Whipped Cream

Craft and Imports

Amber Bock

Angry Orchard

Blue Moon


(Guiness Can}



Redd's Apple

Sam Adams


Space Dust IPA


Corona Premier

Bells 2 Hearted Draft

Blue Moon Draft

Bud Light Draft

Coors Light Draft

Guiness Draft

Michelob Ultra 

Miller Light Draft

Modelo Draft

Sun King Wee Mac

Zombie Dust


Bucket Seltzers (4)

Fizzy Mango

Fizzy Peach D9

Fizzy Pineapple D9

Fizzy Strawberry

Fizzy Watermelon

High Noon Black Cherry

High Noon Grapefruit

High Noon Lemon

High Noon Mango

High Noon Passion Fruit

High Noon Peach

High Noon Pineapple

High Noon Teq Grapefruit

High Noon Teq Lime

High Noon Teq Passion

High Noon Teq Strawberry

High Noon Watermelon

Svedka Tea

Topo Chico

White Claw Black Cherry

White Claw Mango


Bottle Ace Of Spades Brut

Bottle Dom Perignon

Bottle Spumante Champagne

Bottle Brut Champagne

Bottle J Roget Sparkling


Glass House Cabernet

Bottle Moet Rose

Glass House Chardonnay

Glass House Merlot

Glass Stonestreet Cab 2018

Glass House Pinot Grigio

Glass  House Pinot Noir

Stonestreet Cab 2018 Bottle

Glass Pink Moscato

Glass Blueberry Moscato

Glass House White Zin

Glass Prisoner Cab

Bottle Prisoner Cab

Glass Chocolate Block Red Blend

Bottle Chocolate Block Red Blend

Bottle J Lohr Cab

Bottle House Cabernet

Bottle Coppola Cab

Bottle Folie & Deux Cab

Bottle House Merlot

Bottle Matanzas Merlot

Bottle House Pinot Noir

Bottle Concha Malbec

Bottle Chateau Red Blend

Bottle House Pinot Grigio

Bottle House Chardonnay

Bottle J Lohr Riesling

Bottle Blueberry Moscato

Bottle Pink Moscato

Bottle Moet Imperial

Glass House Prosecco

Bottle House Prosecco

Babe Rose CAN

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